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Coaching Legend Tom Meusborn Holds an Unparalleled 29 California State High School Baseball Records

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Tom Meusborn brings a winning mentality and record to every baseball program he runs, including the Total Baseball Vipers, an elite youth baseball program for 7- to 14-year-olds. This winning mentality was solidified when Meusborn turned Chatsworth High School Baseball into the powerhouse it became since 2000.

During Meusborn’s reign as Head Coach, Chatsworth racked up 29 California State high school baseball records. One of the most notable and impressive records he holds is for the most consecutive wins at 54 straight wins over two seasons. Also, within that stretch, Meusborn and Chatsworth set the record for most wins in a single season at 35 games during their undefeated 2004 season.

These records weren’t accomplished over just a season or two: Meusborn also holds the record for the best two-season record, five-season record, and even the best overall high school baseball record in California for an entire decade (2000-2009). In fact, Tom Meusborn has the best California High School record since 1990.

Chatsworth High still has the best overall record from 2000-2020, proving that the Meusborn method to build winning programs is based in strong fundamentals that stand the test of time. Meusborn is now bringing his program to Sierra Canyon High School serving as the Associate Head Baseball Coach, and has formed a partnership between his Total Baseball Vipers elite baseball club and Sierra Canyon.

As the Director of Coaching for Total Baseball Vipers, Meusborn focuses on the 13- and 14-year-old players who are on the cusp of making the big step from youth baseball to their high school careers, as well as 15U+ teams. Joining the Total Baseball Vipers represents a key transition for elite players, and Meusborn’s wealth of experience and accomplishment will help them learn what it takes to be successful high school baseball players.

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