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Scott Switalla Named National Coach of the Year

Updated: Jul 6, 2022 is very pleased to honor one of the truly outstanding coaching staffs across the country. honors Coach Scott Switalla, who is the Skipper of the 10U VSA Vipers as 2012 Coach of the Year. Coach Switalla founded the Total Baseball Vipers program in 2009. He also coaches at the high school level in Chatsworth, California where he is a successful varsity basketball coach at Chatsworth High School. He is assisted by two outstanding coaches; Jason Parada and Jeff Durfee. He and his coaching staff have led the Vipers to three straight outstanding seasons. The Vipers have been the nation’s top team for the past two years running. At this point, this team looks like a potential “Dynasty” in the making. This team has been dominating the baseball diamond throughout their past two seasons. The Vipers finished their 2011 9U season with a record of 54-13-2 record that was capped off by winning the Elite 32 World Series and earning’s ranking as the #1 team in the nation. They followed with an equally dominant 2012 season as they compiled a record of 62-7 that was capped off with a 38 game winning streak and culminated with their 7-0 run as they won the XDS World Series. With this performance, the Vipers repeated as the’s top ranked 10U team in 2012.

When we spoke with Coach Switalla, he was eager to give credit to his staff and to his parents, saying, “Clearly this is a team honor that is based off the success the Vipers has had over the past couple seasons. It is recognition of our talented and committed players, their tremendous families, and our dedicated coaches.” Coach Scott went on to say, “I can’t give enough thanks to Coach Jason Parada and Coach Jeff Durfee for all of their hard work, dedication, skill and time.” Also, he went on to thank the Vipers families for all of their hard work and entrusting his staff with the honor of working with their sons.

Coach Switalla also commented, “Our team is a close-knit family and we take great pride in the fact that we have had very little movement on and off our roster in the three years we have been together.” In addition, he was also quick to mention Chatsworth High School Baseball Coach Tom Meusborn, who has been his friend and mentor. Considering that Chatsworth Baseball was selected by Baseball America as the #1 High School Baseball Program for the decade of 2000-2010, he clearly has quite a mentor. Coach Meusborn has won multiple National Coach of the Year Awards (USA Today in 2003 and National High School Baseball Coaches Association in 2004). He is currently a coach in the United States National Team Program (Head Coach for the 15u National Team).

Finally, Coach Switalla gave credit where credit is really due. He thanked his wife, Sonja for everything she has done to help his coaching effort and to help the team achieve the impressive successes that they have enjoyed – not the least of which is provide the team with one of its many outstanding players – Julian Switalla who is a standout athlete on this team that is laced with loads of “All America” level talent.

Based on the exceptional records and accomplishments this team has achieved, is pleased to honor this outstanding coaching staff. We look for them to return strong and continue their impressive play in the years to come. This Vipers team is worth the price of a ticket to watch anytime they take the field.

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