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Tom Meusborn: Best Record in California State Since 1990

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Tom Meusborn has been the winningest high school baseball coach in the state of California since 1990 and is the current Director of Coaching at Total Baseball Vipers. Meusborn brings over 30 years of coaching experience to the Vipers from his two stints at Chatsworth High School and years coaching for the NCAA division 1 CSUN Matadors.

Tom Meusborn currently holds 29 different California state high school baseball records. Some of those records include a 54-game winning streak and a 35-game undefeated season at Chatsworth High School. Currently, Meusborn is the Associate Head Coach at Sierra Canyon High School, in addition to being the lead coach for Total Baseball Vipers.

Sierra Canyon High School is also the location where the Total Baseball Vipers trains in the high school’s state of the art training facilities. Over his time coaching, Meusborn has trained some of the best players not only in California, but in the world. Past Meusborn players have gone on to play in the MLB and MLB All Star Games, such as his former Chatsworth player, World Series Champion Mike Moustakas.

As the leader of Total Baseball Vipers, Meusborn teaches the skills and mechanics players will need to advance to the next level of baseball. The most important experience and knowledge Meusborn can bring to Total Baseball Vipers is his ability to know what it takes for youth baseball players to be prepared for their next step in baseball and in life when they enter high school and beyond.

Meusborn has coached and developed top baseball talent, earning them scholarships to top colleges and universities, setting them on the path to professional teams and post-collegiate play. He brings along with him other top coaches to Total Baseball Vipers who have similar experience coaching players to top college and MLB teams.

Total Baseball Vipers prides itself on having the absolute best coaches for all age ranges who follow the Meusborn Method and know how to coach players at every level to give them the best opportunities and prepare them for success in their future baseball careers.

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