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Total Baseball Vipers Coaches Pioneered Elite Club Baseball

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

In youth travel baseball, competition becomes accelerated at 13U and 14U. The best athlete begin to emerge from the more populated youth leagues. In fact, elite baseball programs scout and recruit top talent from a wide geography in order to complete at the highest level. Players who may have excelled at 11- or 12-years old are faced with more competition than ever when they reach the 13 and over age bracket.

High-level coaching becomes essential as players begin the transition from youth baseball to high school. Total Baseball Vipers is the premier elite baseball training program with professional, highly-experienced, top-level coaches who develop players 7-14 into high school athletes.

Tom Meusborn, Director of Coaching for Total Baseball Vipers, holds 29 high-school baseball records in the state of California and is currently the Associate Head Baseball Coach at Sierra Canyon High School. P.C. Shaw has coached baseball in the college ranks at UCLA and at Chatsworth High School during their state championship and nationally ranked run. Shaw has run his own elite youth baseball program, Pacific Baseball Academy, which trained players for elite high school baseball. With top-of-the-line facilities and powerhouse coaches with over 100 years of combined coaching experience, Total Baseball Vipers prepares elite youth players to be the best high school baseball players they can be.

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